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Myersville Elementary School

Certified 2017, 2021 application

Advisor: ???????

Myersville Elementary is a close knit rural school situated 5 minutes from Interstate 70 and 10 minutes from Frederick.  Students take the role of attending a Maryland Green School very seriously as they incorporate eco-friendly practices in their personal lives, while also serving as ambassadors of sustainable practices in their community. 


After gaining Maryland Green School recognition in 2017, Myersville students worked hard to continue the many initiatives that were already in place, while also seeking out new ways to make their school and community a better place to live. 


The Environmental Club continues to meet weekly to monitor and care for bluebird boxes, trout tank, various gardens around the school, and the educational pond.  The Green Detectives visit classrooms weekly to ensure that sustainable practices are embraced by all students and staff in the school.


 The most exciting accomplishments have been efforts partnering with the town of Myersville that demonstrate student empowerment. To ensure the trout raised in their classrooms had the best new aquatic home possible in Doub’s Creek, students advocated to the Town Council for storm drain markers to improve water quality and to educate the community that what goes down storm rains, enters local creeks and waterways. Recognizing that many recyclable materials were ending up in the trash at local parks, students called for recycling bins, which now save hundreds of plastic water bottles from the landfill.


Top 5 Accomplishments:

1. Installation of storm drain markers throughout the town of Myersville 

2. Established an Idle Free Zone

3. Acquiring and installing 6 recycling bins placed at our two local parks for community use

4. Night in the Garden celebration

5. Raising Trout in the classroom



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