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Sabillasville Environmental School

Certified 2024, Need permission to link

Advisor: Barb Doney

As a public charter school in the rural northern part of the county, Sabillasville uses the philosophy of a classical school to integrate environmental sciences into the curriculum. Outdoor spaces are used for hands-on learning. Students at each grade level create gardens, grow vegetables in a greenhouse, and plant trees to increase the wooded area. Walking field trips to local orchards and farms expand learning. Themed days held each month in which community partners participate, such as Farm to Table, provide students opportunities to learn more about the environmental sciences.  


Students practice sustainability at school and in the community. They compost and recover food waste; conserve water and energy; and maintain native plant gardens with the Thurmont Green Team to prevent erosion and provide habitat. The school partners with many organizations and specialists including the Master Gardeners, who have taught about seed dispersal and garden planting and maintenance.


Top 5 Accomplishments:

1. Created a pollinator garden with the help of a local community orchard and Master Gardeners. 

2. Received grant for a greenhouse from the the Delaplaine Foundation in Frederick County to be used by all students. 

3. With the help of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the 5 Million Tree Project, planted additional trees to our wooded area.

4. Started a Jr. Naturalist program with 7th grade students.

5. 6th and 7th grade learn about bluebirds will revamp current Bluebird trail.



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