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Wolfsville Elementary School

Certified 2011, 2018, 2022 application

Advisor: Rebecca Butler (double check)

Wolfsville is a small school nestled just below the Appalachian Trail in Northwest Frederick County. We have 1 class of each grade and 1 teacher per grade. At Wolfsville Elementary, we take pride in not only our school, but our community’s green efforts. Students are very supported by local Wolfsville community members. We partner with local businesses and national organizations to provide excellent programming, instruction, and learning opportunities for students. 


At every grade level, students at Wolfsville Elementary are engaged in learning about the environment and our relationship to the Earth. Students use a variety of learning strategies, technology and hands-on experiences to support learning. Most notably, students serve the community , school, and Earth through a variety of larger service projects that will have lasting implications well beyond their graduation. 


Both primary and intermediate students learn the global impact of pollution and how to be better stewards of the environment. Learning is put into practice as students evaluate lunch containers and recyclable materials. Finally, we have a beautiful schoolyard habitat that we continue to maintain and use.


Top 5 Accomplishments:

1. Pollinator Garden

2. Nature Trail

3. Garden Shed

4. Rainbow Trout Release Program

5. Sustainability and Expansion of Recycling and Reuse Efforts



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