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Mobilize Frederick Education Group

Environmental education is key to developing and implementing solutions for sustainable schools, communities, and our planet/world.

     Our group collaborates with Frederick County Public Schools, private schools, local government, parks, non-profits, businesses, and residents to support and increase the number of Maryland Green Schools and to expand environmental literacy county-wide. [do we need recommendation here or can it wait for another page?]

     Discover the efforts underway at schools, the positive impacts of outdoor learning and hands-on action, and how you can engage students.

     Or use the tools created for schools to empower your community to become more sustainable, healthier, and better prepared for a changing climate.





Learn about the benefits of Green Schools



Sugarloaf Elementary creating new garden_71083506_10157510047889800_2958877243083849728_n.

MOLE kit that includes links to lessons currently on Drive; others
like native bee presentations




I’m inspired by how receptive our young people are at creating an environmentally friendly school community. When I see them working together, I realize that they are going to be the agent for change.

Melissa Hargreaves

retired teacher

Myersville Elementary School 

Myersville Green Detectives.jpeg

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