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I started to integrate environmental education with various subjects — math, reading, science, physical education, art, music — and I could tell when I did that that it enhanced my students’ interest, and it fostered a deep connection to nature. I did get better results with all of my test scores, because that was an important part of my life as a teacher.

Mary Westlund

Associate Director MAEOE and

former elementary school teacher

Green Schools Overview

The benefits of Green Schools are many. In addition to higher test scores, students improve their physical and mental health, neighbors experience healthier environments, schools save money, and communities strengthen.

    FCPS’ commitment to expand the Green Schools program aligns with its sustainability goals and environmental literacy requirements.

    Since 1999, the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) has certified schools across the state that meet three main objectives in environmental education and action:

Curriculum and Instruction

Environmental issue instruction across grades and subject areas.

10 % of staff participate in environmental professional development.

Student Action Projects
Practice environmental stewardship through student action projects in various categories.

Community Action

Meaningful relationships with community partners for environmental purposes.

Renewal applications are submitted every four years until a school reaches Sustainable Green School status (application 5 and beyond).

At the Mobilize Frederick 2024 Climate Summit, the Green Schools Panel provided a good overview of what green schools are all about. Click on the video above to view the panel's presentation on YouTube.

Green Schools Timeline

Click on the graphic above to see the Green Schools Timeline for Frederick County Public Schools.

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