Below are helpful links and resources for those interested in the CEMWG.

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Carbon Footprint CalculatorEPA’s Carbon Footprint estimator

The Carbon Footprint Calculator will tell you the amount of carbon emissions you
produce. Once you enter your information you can set goals for yourself, learn how you
compare with others through the leaderboard, and stay educated about your impact on
the environment. It’s fun and easy and will help you adopt more sustainable habits.

Sea Level Rise Viewer                       
Using this Sea Level Rise Viewer from NOAA, you can see how much land will be
underwater in the coming decades. Coastal Maryland will potentially have a large
amount of land submerged and your own hometown, school, or business location may
be affected. Select a location on the world map to see the effects of melting ice caps
and warming waters as climate change progresses.

Fact Sheet : 

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy created this fact sheet to
explain what US citizens have to do in order to cut energy use and reach a 50%
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency, a huge part of reducing
emissions, will result in more jobs, less air pollution, and better health for you and your

Reduce Food Waste:              

Reduce Food Waste:              

Reduce Food Waste:              

Since a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions result from food waste, the
National Resources Defense Council site guides viewers to ways of reducing that
waste, saving water, saving fossil-fuel based fertilizer use, and thus lessening climate

Film Club:  

The Sierra Club Maryland Chapter partnered with the Environmental Film Festival
to create an informative, engaging list of films to educate the public about environmental
problems and solutions. Signing up lets you stay updated on film releases, monthly
movies, and panel discussions while also providing a playlist of films related to Sierra
Club campaigns.

National Tree Benefit calculator.    
The National Tree Benefit Calculator was created to show you exactly how the trees
in your area benefit you and your community. After you input your zip code and details
about a tree, the benefits (storm water runoff reduction, energy conservation, air quality
improvement, CO2 reduction) are calculated for you.

Interesting Reading:

  1. Sierra Club

  2. Branching Out

  3. Catoctin Group

  4. Zach Bush MD Podcast- Saving the Soil, Saving Humanity 

Faith-Related Resources on Climate Change:

Many pastors and lay leaders are speaking and acting on stewardship for the natural world, reverence for God's creation, and creation care with members of their congregations and from the pulpit. Every faith organization in the world today now has a call for action on climate change. Often, people of faith are looking for ways to do more to bring about change in their daily lives, in their churches and as members of their communities, especially as we witness the impact a changing climate is having on already vulnerable communities here at home and around the world. Here are resources to inspire and guide those conversations and actions. Click the topic below to learn more: