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Tarolyn Mckinney


Tarolyn Mckinney was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Frederick in 2013 where she took her first step into getting involved in Frederick with her nonprofit organization PURE Love Inc. in Walkersville. She offered afterschool and summer programs for underserved youth and families. She gained partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Frederick County where she had after-school programs in four different middle schools in the Frederick County Public Schools. She served on the Walkersville Ethics Committee and continued her impact on the community when she moved to the City of Frederick.


Tarolyn Mckinney served as Vice President for the NAACP, Women's Democratic League and Education Commission Committee. Tarolyn currently serves as the President for Justice Jobs of Maryland and serves on the Community Action Board, Democratic Central Committee as an Associate Member, and Mobilize Frederick. She was a State Delegate candidate in the 2022 elections and she will continue to serve her community and embrace the importance of moving Frederick County forward. She’s the host and owner of a local podcast “Next on the Mic”  that provides a platform for local leaders, organizations, and business to discuss issues such as politics, social justice, environmental justice, education, economics, community engagement, and much more. Tarolyn continues to dedicate her time and passion in Frederick and will continue to break glass ceilings.

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