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Climate Summit Schedule



PLEASE NOTE: Speaker titles and biographies are available in our printed program.

See our list of Exhibitors below.


8:00–9:00 am    
Registration / Exhibitor Hall Open / Coffee, Breakfast Pastries
Registration will be in Whitaker Campus Center. Exhibitor Hall will also be open from 8 am to 9 am.

All presentations will be in the Hodson Auditorium adjacent to the Whitaker Campus Center.

9:00–9:05 am    
Mobilize Frederick Board President Barb Trader and Executive Director Karen Cannon    
9:05–9:45 am    

Opening Remarks
Hood College President Andrea Chapdelaine    

Keynote Speaker

County Executive Jessica Fitzwater    

Keynote Speaker

City of Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor   

Keynote Speaker

Maryland Climate Change Commissioner Michael C. Powell

The Status of Maryland Climate Change Initiatives: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

9:45–10:30 am    

Conserve as Much as Possible Panel Discussion     
Moderator: Karl Kidd, Hood College   

Dr. Gene Ollinger: Circular Economy: Paving the Path to Prosperity in the Future of American Business   
Audi Nagi: Frederick Social Self-Pour Taphouse & Eatery

Dr. Kerri Hesley: What We Can All Do to Reduce Consumption and Waste

10:30–10:45 am    

Break / Exhibitor Hall Open
10:45–11:30 am    

Electrify Everything Panel Discussion    
Moderator: Dr. Scott Pincikowski, Hood College        

Doug Siglin: What is Electrify Everything, Why is it Important, and Are There Resources to Help?

Dawn Ashbacher: Local Energy Toolkit
Karen Cannon: Electrify Everything — One Resident’s Story

11:30 am–12:00 noon

Special Presentation    
Faith Klareich: Accelerating Green Investment in Frederick County: Would a Green Bank Work?

12:00–1:00 pm    

Lunch / Exhibitor Hall Open
1:00–1:30 pm    

Special Presentation    
Carey Murphy: Growing Green Schools

1:30–2:15 pm    

Preserve & Restore Nature Panel Discussion   

Moderator: Bob Schwartz, Hood College    

Shannon Moore: Green Infrastructure in Frederick County    
Anna Twigg: Maryland’s 5 Million Trees Initiative    
Amy Rembold: Environmentally Sustainable Landscapes: Because Our Future Depends On It    

2:15–2:30 pm    

2:30–3:15 pm    

Build for the Future Panel Discussion    
Moderator: Dr. Eric Annis, Hood College    

Dr. Drew Ferrier: Local Climate Change Effects and Impacts — Setting the Stage to Build for the Future    
Tracy Coleman: BUILD for the FUTURE: Flood Resiliency in Frederick
Joel Rensberger: Buildings for the Future — the One You Live in Now and the One that is Coming

3:15–3:30 pm    

Discussion: Day in Review   
Moderator: Dr. Eric Annis, Hood College

Barb Trader, Karen Cannon
3:30–3:50 pm    

Where We Go From Here        
Mike Koob: Reflections on the Day and Where We Go From Here  
Davin Faris: Finding Hope in Action

3:50–4:00 pm    

Closing Remarks       
Barb Trader, Karen Cannon   


Be sure to visit our Exhibitors in the Exhibitor Hall

Audubon Society of Central MD
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Citizens for Responsible Growth
Climate Change Working Group
DNR / Maryland's 5 Million Trees Initiative
Envision Frederick County

Frederick Compost Workgroup

Frederick County Division of Energy & Environment
Frederick County Food Council
Frederick County Master Gardeners
Golden Mile Alliance
Green Energy 360

Hood College / Graduate Table

Hood College / Undergraduate Table

MACS / Multi-Faith Alliance of Climate Stewards

MAEOE / Maryland Assoc. of Environmental and Outdoor Educators

Munro Properties

Mountainside Education & Enrichment

Neighborhood Sun

Recycle My Battery

Sierra Club — Catoctin Group


Sugarloaf Alliance

Sunrise Movement

FrederickTotal Comfort Heating and Cooling

Zavos Architecture

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