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We are excited to announce our first community partnership with Neighborhood Sun! Neighborhood Sun is a Community Solar provider, bringing solar energy opportunities to everyone — whether your home is a candidate for rooftop solar or not.

Partner with us to build a better community.

Neighborhood Sun

We are partnering with Neighborhood Sun, a Silver Spring based B Corporation working to make solar energy accessible for all. You might be wondering how you can access solar energy without installing your own panels, but the concept is very simple and much like a community garden. Through a newer state-supported energy model called community solar or shared solar, anyone who pays an electric bill can subscribe to power their home using a share of the clean energy generated by a local solar farm in their community.  For each household who subscribes using the Mobilize Frederick link, Neighborhood Sun will donate $100 to Mobilize Frederick. 


If Potomac Edison, BGE or Pepco is your utility provider, you can subscribe to get your share of clean energy from a local community solar farm through Neighborhood Sun. Your subscription will include: 

  • 10% discount on solar credits 

  • $100 donation to Mobilize Frederick 

  • The program will cover 90% of your historical electricity usage

  • No cancellation fees

  • No fees to join 


If you would like to learn more about community solar, schedule an appointment with our partner manager Bonnie Greer using this link:

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