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Frederick High School

Certified 2022

Advisor: Beth Roehl

At the heart of Frederick High School’s green culture are over 1600 students dedicated to environmental conservation, preservation, and sustainability. The goal to become a certified Maryland Green School began with students who founded the Eco-Services Club in March of 2020. Student leaders advocated for the start of this club with a mission to become involved in environmental service projects in the community. The club quickly grew to almost 10% of the student body. Staff quickly joined the effort and so did community partners, such as Friends of Baker Park, Friends of Waterford Park, Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling and Grow Frederick. 


As a LEED Certified Silver School, the infrastructure for sustainability was already in place. The building includes water efficient landscaping, energy-efficient lighting, geothermal power and emphasizes public transportation. Even though the school is located in the heart of the City of Frederick, students experience a wealth of environmental diversity with local streams and creeks right at their doorstep. Leadership from teachers in thriving programs for Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Management, Environmental Science, and the school-wide LYNX initiative helped integrate this rich environment into the culture of learning and community practices of sustainability and environmental protection. 


Top 5 Accomplishments:

1. Baker Park Urban Forest Restoration

2. Annual Earth Week 

3. Food Garden with Grow Frederick Inc

4. Recycling Rumble

5. Lynx Environmental Experiences

FHS Recycling lids_Screen Shot 2024-06-13 at 8.56.53 AM.png

Designing lids for the Recycling Rumble contest


Reducing food insecurity with vegetable gardens

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