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Oakdale High School

Certified 2021

Advisor: Elizabeth Nave

Oakdale High School, located southeast of the City of Frederick, opened its doors in 2010. The school is surrounded by numerous trails that run throughout the Lake Linganore community, which are utilized by classes, clubs, and sports teams. Teachers regularly use the outdoor classroom built by a 2017 graduate for a range of subjects and extended learning activities. A national network accesses the OHS weather station to  monitor the changing climate and students enter data for international scientists to study.

Students at Oakdale recognize that climate change is an ongoing issue and that everyone bears the responsibility of reducing our impact on the Earth. As a school community, Oakdale has taken into consideration previous practices and changed habits to be more sustainable. The school organizes recycling programs, conserves natural resources, and leads trash cleanups, for example. Every small action counts. 

As the area around Oakdale High school continues to develop and change, the school is  committed to being a part of environmental sustainability on campus and in the community.


Top 5 Accomplishments:

1. Refillable Water Stations
2. Storm Drain Stenciling
3. Composting in the Cafeteria 
4. Plants grown and distributed around building for cleaner air
5. Recycling Drives: School–Students manage the school-wide collection and recycling drop off of items  including textiles, small electronics, batteries and grocery/retail plastic bags.
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Storm drain stencils raise conservation awareness.

Oakdale indoor plants.png

Students grow indoor plants to improve air quality.

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