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Student Action Projects

Student action kits created by Mobilize Frederick support hands-on projects and encourage environmental stewardship on school grounds, which help meet  Objective 2 of the Green Schools application.

Bluebird House_SMORES_image_50462465.JPG

Bluebird Habitat and Monitoring Kit

Garden Supplies_IMG_8542.jpg

Native Plant Garden Kit

Simply Sustainable: Steps to a Greener Tomorrow Toolkits

Created to accompany the student action kits can be adapted by anyone interested in a greener home, community, place of worship, business, etc.

WKMS_Bluebird Eggs_IMG_9544.jpg
FINAL Climate Summit 24 Graphics.png
Web_Stormwater Toolkit.png
WKMS Garden Design 2024.png

Student-Led Garden Design
Tree Kit Supplies_IMG_8593 copy.jpg

Tree Labeling Kit

Stream Monitoring Supplies_IMG_8572.jpg

Stream Monitoring Kit

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