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Trash Picking

Where there are great challenges, there are great opportunities.

We'd appreciate your support!

Mobilize Frederick is working hard to ensure that each recommendation in the Climate Response and Resilience Report is implemented throughout the County. We believe that while each of these recommendations directly address the threats of climate change, they also create benefits for human health and the economy. Addressing the crisis collaboratively will result in cleaner air, healthier people, verdant forests and farmland, abundant locally grown food, affordable clean transportation options, and energy-efficient housing, schools, and businesses — a more vibrant and resilient Frederick County for all of us.

We'd very much appreciate your support for our work. Please click the DONATE button below and choose the amount and frequency of your donation. Thank you!


Mobilize Frederick is deeply grateful to these founding funders for investing in a future that is healthy, safe, and economically vibrant as we confront the growing climate crisis.

Founding Investors ($10,000 +)

Jane and Robert Ladner

A Grant from the Randall Charitable Trust Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Frederick County

Founding Program Funders

Delaplaine Foundation for Growing Green! (Green Schools project)

Frederick County Community Partnership Grant (Growing Green!)

City of Frederick (Community Outreach)

Founding Donors ($1,000+)

Jane Dennison

Katherine Esposito

Harry George

Carey Murphy

Founding Supporters (up to $999)

Carol Ahlum

Patricia Bodin

David Campbell

Patrice Gallagher

Carl Gallegos

Kerri Hesley

Susan Jiacinto

Ron Kaltenbaugh

Faith Klareich

Mike Koob

Founding Sustainers (monthly donors)

Janet Ady

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