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Ron Beattie


Ron Beattie’s interest in sustainability started in high school on Long Island, NY when he won an architectural design competition that featured a pavilion promoting solar energy in 1977.  That sparked a lifetime interest in sustainable solutions that continues today.


After enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard and being stationed in a Civil Engineering unit in the 3rd Coast Guard District in Governors Island, NY, Ron pushed for a District-wide energy audit to reduce electricity usage throughout while also working on energy-efficient window replacements and culminating with a solar hot water system at a station on Long Island.  Upon leaving the Coast Guard and while earning a BS in Business at night, Ron embarked on a career in automating corporate facilities and real estate around the world.  While there weren’t direct opportunities for sustainability, this work concentrated on the most efficient use of real estate which had an indirect benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of many real estate facilities.  


Throughout his career, Ron has been active in his community by serving as President of his hometown’s Chamber of Commerce for 20 years, creating a Planning Roundtable for the community and serving as Co-Chair of the New York Rising program for community resiliency after Superstorm Sandy.  He also served as President of the Board of Trustees for a major county-owned museum and planetarium for 10 years.


Ron moved to Frederick in 2017 and is excited to help Mobilize Frederick reduce the carbon footprint in his adopted community that he enjoys so much.

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