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Buying Local

As the holidays approach, maybe you’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions that better align your lifestyle with Mobilize Frederick’s recommendations and goals. If “buying local” is on your list of resolution possibilities, get a head start by planning your holiday menus with local ingredients. One easy way to do this is by shopping online with Frederick Fresh Online (FFO) (, a year-round online farmers market featuring local producers and growers who use regenerative agricultural practices free of herbicides and pesticides. You can also find locally made products, such as personal care items and bird and dog treats, that make great holiday gifts.

Shoppers place their orders online between Thursday at 8 a.m. and Sunday at 8 p.m. and they are ready for pickup or home delivery on Wednesday evenings. Thanks to a partnership with DoorDash’s charitable initiative Project Dash, FFO now offers FREE HOME DELIVERY to addresses within a 10 mile radius of Frederick and Urbana. Customers can also pick up their orders at locations in Frederick, Urbana and Point of Rocks. FFO, an initiative of the Frederick County Food Council, relies on volunteers to sustain this sales venue that supports small local producers whose volumes are not sufficient for wholesale buyers. If interested in volunteering with order aggregation, farm product or order transport, or marketing through social media, contact

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